Request for Work Management

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Request for Work Management

Request for Work Management

Fast Problem Reporting

Every Company has to eliminate from its working environment any problematic situation that adds unpleasant noise. Many times the fixing and repairing of the Assets need only some work, but they are keeping discussed again and again. Fast reporting is a necessity. Using the Mykosmos smartphone take some photos, record some comments, and forward it. An Activity will arrive at the Technical Department to be processed further. More systematically a Mykosmos form allows the definition of the problematic Piece of Equipment (or Asset) and a subject.

Dispatching Request for Work

The Technical Department examines the problematic situation and assigns one or two technicians the work for repairing of the reported Asset. After the technician (or technicians) forward the Activity as done, the Technical Department examines if the Asset set; otherwise, the Activity repeated. During the technician's work, an order of parts and other materials can be done, by activating a Purchase Process (subprocess) to the main Request for Work procedure. Finally, the reporting associate is informed about the repairing completion.

Improve your Company by Correcting any systematic delays

The implementation of Request for Work procedure can leave some lessons in our Company. The Chief Process Officer (or the Quality Manager) has to recognize any systematic causes that are the roots of those irregular breakdowns. The CPO can start a Corrective and Preventive Actions procedure to ask for improvement proposals in various parts of the Company's processes. Those Preventive actions may also cause the insertion of more checkpoints during the execution of some activities or other procedures. The workflow of the procedure also can change to fit the changed or improved needs for the Request for Work. Usually, every Mykosmos Process starts by using a minimal set of activities and forms to fill-in and later becomes a relatively composite set of actions and data.

Make Request for Work provide Metrics

The automation of the Request for Work process allows for collecting some essential Metrics about times related to problem fixing. For those Metrics, we can later put target values and assign them to Roles into the Company. Those targeted Metrics can then participate in the Company Objectives Metrics, particularly in the Processes Excellence section. Finally, through the Company Objectives, can join the final Balanced Scorecard and show their influence in the Company's excellence in the industry that participates.