Preventive and Corrective

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Preventive and Corrective Actions Management

Preventive and Corrective Actions Management

Making mistakes is human, correcting is brilliant

The base of business excellence is not only the corrections of errors but the future prevention to avoid making them again. Everyone in a Company must have the opportunity to start a Preventive and Corrective Actions Procedure. He/She has only to provide, in the appropriate Mykosmos form, the subject, the description of the failure (and possible causes) and finally the explanation of the corrective actions that will resolve or prevent an unpleasant situation to occur again. Then the form can be forwarded. Associates of every level must be encouraged and motivated to start such Procedures.

Defining the Approving and Correcting Associates

The forwarded form from the starter creates an Activity (job) in the CPO or Quality Manager terminal. He/She has to define a set of approving Associates (for the actions that will be taken) and a set of Associates that they would work in order the steps mentioned would take effect. By forwarding the Activity, new approving Activities created to the terminals of the corresponding Associates. Upon sending the approvals, new Activities are created to the terminals of the correcting group. The process is finished when all of the correctors forward their respective Activities.

Improve your Company by Correcting any systematic delays

The implementation of Preventive and Corrective Actions procedure can be the heart of the improvement and polishing of any process into our Company. This process can cause the workflow of other Procedures to be changed to fit the changed or improved needs. Usually, every Mykosmos Process starts by using a minimal set of activities and forms to fill-in and later becomes a relatively composite set of actions and data. The mechanism through which this happens is the very Preventive and Corrective Actions Procedure.

Make Preventive and Corrective Actions to provide Metrics.

The automation of the Preventive and Corrective Actions process allows for collecting some essential Metrics about times and habits into the Company. For those Metrics, we can later put target values and assign them to Roles into the Company. Those targeted Metrics can then participate in the Company Objectives Metrics, particularly in the Processes Excellence section. Finally, through the Company Objectives, can join the final Balanced Scorecard and show their influence in the Company's excellence in the industry that participates.