A Path to Modernize and Unify all older Applications and Spreadsheets

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Don’t throw away years of your Business knowhow build up!

Companies all over the world use special software applications and spreadsheets in order to serve their business needs. Those needs may have never found a way to the company’s central management attention; Instead, they can be covered locally by skilled and ambitious employees. All those years of knowhow build-up, via applications and spreadsheets programming, is a living reality into every company. 

But this business know-how comes at a ‘price’. There are problems concerning the coordination of activities and unification of data. Those deficiencies are ‘covered’ by the everyday effort of company employees. Sometimes this situation is not considered as a problem but rather as a pretty normal business necessity. Another serious problem arouses from the fact that this business know-how builds up is scattered and so very poorly utilized for further developments.

So we have an existent situation (1) where “There are applications and spreadsheets that ‘cooperate’ with the employees and make the company a living and prosperous organization.”

We need to go to an objective situation (2) where “There would be activities coordination and data unification throughout the company that will embody all the know-how that is now embodied into the various applications and spreadsheets. There is need this to happen in the near future, the transition has to be the smoothest possible and the cost must be reasonable”

We propose a safe path to this objective because we have the proper tools and the proper methodology.

Keep applications databases as they are if are modern SQL ones.
Transfer applications databases to an SQL one if they are not SQL enabled.
Rewrite the application Forms as lookalike Mykosmos forms.
Pass spreadsheet data to Database Tables where necessary.
Pass spreadsheet data to lookalike Mykosmos forms.
Pass spreadsheet formula calculations as in-form AutoScript.
Reveal Business Processes and implement Activities in the unified Mykosmos application.

Compile automatically the Developer’s Manual for the Mykosmos application.
Compile automatically the Company’s Operations Manual.

We can transfer all your knowledge ‘compiled’ to you, in order for your Mykosmos team to improve it and change it further (but being now BPM enabled and Data Unified).

No need for extensive meetings to transfer know-how. Database, Code, and Spreadsheets contain most.
Reveal Business Processes one by one and automate previously ‘static’ data forms.
Get Usage of nearly all existing reporting.
Unify all your applications and spreadsheets in one business-wide application.
Get BPM out of the old data processing, by automating processes one by one.