F.A.Q. about Mykosmos

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Mykosmos Star What is Mykosmos?

It is a software application that helps in the management of everyday business operations of any kind.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos a BPM suite?

Yes. It is a fully Business Process Management environment. Everything that is a business process can be implemented without any compromise to business reality.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos an ERP?

Yes. It can manage sales, purchases, payments, inventories, customers, suppliers, accounting and whatever else an ERP covers.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos a CRM?

Yes. Every business event or activity is attached to the corresponding business partner, giving thus the complete picture of the operations that relate to customers.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos a Production Management System?

Yes. From the production materials requirements and the production schedule to the production monitoring.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos an Email Management System?

Yes. All of the emails are gathered centrally in the server machine. Emails with its file attachments are converted to documents. All of them are related to the corresponding contact, customer, supplier or any other business partner.

Mykosmos Star What is Mykosmos architecture?

The installation for a company consists of one application server with the connected database installed to a server machine. Users can be connected to the application server via a thin client application.

Mykosmos Star Is Mykosmos a programmable application?

Yes. All of the application's forms and scripts are given open as prototypes. A developer can alter them or create completely new ones to adjusts to business needs.