Equipment Maintenance

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Kosmos Features

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Types and their Parameters

Every piece of Equipment is characterized by various data elements as: weight, dimensions, power consumption, types of periodic checks, time intervals for the checks and many more. These data elements are called Parameters. The operator (user) has the ability to define various Types of Equipment that are characterized by a certain set of Parameters. All these give the capability to the operator to make a detailed description of the Equipment Types as required.

Equipments Database/Import

The operator can insert new Equipment records to the database. After the expected Code and Name of the Equipment, the operator defines the Topology of the Equipment - i.e. the place where it is located. The assignment of the Type of Equipment brings a new set of data items that must be defined and filled in. Additionaly an import utility can massively import pieces of Equipment, from MS-Excel sheet.

Maintenance Bill Of Materials

Every type of maintenance requires Work and/or Materials, spare parts. Every type of Maintenance is defined as an internally provided service. This service in order to be provided, Materials and Work must be defined in its Bill of Materials form (BOM). This feature enables the budgeting of materials and maintenace work for a certain time period.

Maintenance Planner

In the heart of Mykosmos Server runs a Maintenance Planner. This planner checks continuously the Equipment status and issues Activities (Jobs) for the corresponding Equipment. These Activities are assigned to the Position defined by the needed type of Equipment and Maintenace. The Activities are assigned early enough so that Scheduling of Work and Materials needed can be prepared in time.

Maintenance Jobs Assignments

The technicians are given various roles. These roles are defined for the various Types of Equipment Maintenace. The technicians see the Maintenance Activities in their terminals some days before the Maintenace Date. The Maintenance Manager can alter the proposed schedule as fitted.

Maintenance Scheduling

The Maintenance Planner assigns automatically Activities to the proper roles. The technician Associates responsible for the job. The Activity will be executed (closed) later by the associate. But what if (resource groups in mykosmos terminology) associates are not available? In this case the Activity assignment itself is not enough and the Activities have to be Scheduled for specific "resource groups" for a spcific date/time period. The Activities Scheduling form shows the vacancies in a department's calendar. The Maintenace Manager can schedule all or part of these Activities.

Materials Requirements

The Bill of Materials (BOM) for each type of maintenence and the total number of Maintenance Activites for a defined period can ulitmately define the budget of the Maintenace for Materials. Mykosmos can support Warehouses, Purchase Orders and Consuming of Materials with all required traceability as serial numbers and duration periods. In reality maintenace involves also Purchase Order Processes.

Maintenance Execution

The Maintenance Activities can be executed (closed) in various ways. One way is to simply check the Activitiy as finished in the office's terminal. Another is to keep a central execution dashbaord and have that reported Activities closed by an indepentent operator. Another one is to use smartphones or tablets and report detailed time of Maintenance in real time (Activity Tracking). In case of spare parts needed the actual quantities used, can be also be reported .

Maintenance Metrics

Mykosmos comes having already some system metrics defined. A Mykosmos developer, having adequate knowledge of SQL for databases, can set new metrics. It only needs to define an SQL select query and periodicity. Set also the role or roles of the associates to view the metric. All the metrics that are permitted to viewed are shown to the "KPIs" menu selection of the standard user interface.

Maintenance Dashboard

In order for the Maintenace Manager to have the big picture about the status of the Equipment a Company's Topology Map is provided. This hierachical structure shows the status of various departments from the Equipment perspective: How match is out of order and how match is signed for maintenace.