Documents Management

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Documents Management

Documents Management

Documents also are Data

Mykosmos has a straightforward way of managing Documents. Every Document is linked to his most related object. Contracts are attached to "Business Partners", CVs to "Contacts", Invoices to "Purchases" or "Sales", and so on. Every Document can have its type (category) and the User that inserted into the system. There is a distinctive sign in every Mykosmos Form in case there are attached Documents on.

Forms also are Documents

Every Mykosmos Form can be considered as Document. In this sense, every object can be attached to another object by creating new, per case, relations between the Mykosmos database objects. This gives Users the freedom to establish new ties that are not specified in the software when it was designed in the first place.

Processes set permissions to Documents

While a Mykosmos Procedure executes its workflow permits Users to open and edit Forms. Those Forms become Documents and get their permission status from the User's Roles that open and edit the Forms. Finally, upon Procedure closing, i.e., finishing, the Forms also are closed for editing. Those Documents are searchable from the User's terminal.

Emails and their attached files also are Documents

All incoming Email becomes Documents and is attached to their respective "Contacts" and "Business Partners". The files that are attached to the emails also become Documents and are related to the "Contacts" and "Business Partners". During the Email reading by the User, there is an opportunity to categorize the attached files, i.e., Documents. The same is applied to the outbound Email.