Data Collector

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Data Collector

Data Collector

Companies are firstly Producers of Data

In reality, the job of the so-called white collars is the production of data. Every piece of information that is added to a software form, i.e., amounts, dates, names, descriptions an so on are nothing less than a data-production. Mykosmos Procedures are streamlining those data-production lines. Now let's go to the point; Every Mykosmos form that has to be completed with data can be forwarded to other Associates to complete selected data that are not known to the Mykosmos form operator, and then return to him/her again, upon completion of those data entries.

Let's start a Data Collection

The User upon opening a form has to activate, by right-clicking, the "Select Data to Collect". After that, by pressing ctrl, clicks using the mouse pointer on the edit boxes that wishes to set for collection. They become green. Another final right-click and activation of "Ask for the Collected Data", a Mykosmos form will open. Here the User has to specify the Name or the Role of the Associate that will be supplying the requested data and then he/she forwards the form. The specified User sees in his/her Mykosmos terminal an Activity for "Data Collection". The User can insert/modify only the edit boxes selected for data collection. After supplying the data, he/she forwards the form and returns it to the process starter.

Improve your Company by Correcting any systematic delays

The implementation of the Data Collection procedure can leave some lessons in our Company. The Chief Process Officer (or the Quality Manager) has to recognize any systematic causes that are the roots of delays or misunderstandings. The CPO can start a Corrective and Preventive Actions procedure to ask for a changed workflow of the procedure to which the collected data form belongs. Thus, the workflow of the problematic procedure will be improved. Usually, every Mykosmos Process starts by using a minimal set of activities and data-forms to fill-in and later becomes a relatively composite set of actions and data.

Make Data Collection Process provide Metrics

The automation of the Data Collection Process allows for collecting some essential Metrics about times of delay because of data collection. For those Metrics, we can later put target values and assign them to Roles into the Company. Those targeted Metrics can then participate in the Company Objectives Metrics, particularly in the Processes Excellence section. Finally, through the Company Objectives, can join the final Balanced Scorecard and show their influence in the Company's excellence in the industry that participates.