Customer Complaints

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Customer Complaints Management

Make your company excel in Customer Service

Consider the case you have no idea what to do about, to excel in the Customer Service area. Keep only one promise to yourself: Receive all your Customer Complaints promptly. Hear carefully what the Customer has to say about his problem because this is your very own problem. Dispatch the issue to the most capable in this problem type of your associates. Please encourage them to care about as their very own problem. Get their answer as soon as possible and forward it to the Customer. Understand the causes of the problem and then issue a Preventive and Corrective Actions procedure towards the roots of the problem. Repeat that any time a Customer Complaint occurs. You will soon excel in Customer Service in your market.

Continuous Improvement of your Customer Complaints

Start by keeping the Customer Complaints process workflow as is worked-out now. Your associates are accustomed to this. Automate their habits on that. Later, when your associates are used to the new automation environment, add more features to your process. Ask from your associates to feedback on the process. Later your associates will ask for more features, while they understand the tool and its potentials. This way you will make your Customer Complaints process an everlasting improved process.

Get a Complaint in its every detail

Get the Complaint and put on the Mykosmos Form the subject, the customer, the product, and a detailed description of the problem. Attach as many documents, including also voice and images. Post the Complaint's form to the Mykosmos. The next step (activity) is the Sales Inspector to inspect the Complaint about its validity. If it is valid, then the issue is forwarded to the Quality Manager to categorize the Complaint and assign the associates that could make the research on the problem.

The most appropriate Associates check for the issue

Define the associates that are responsible for the Complaint. They will write in detail about what could cause the problem. Afterward, forward the issue to formulate a response to the Customer. Here also can be included actions that can relieve the Customer from the consequences of the case. Then the problem can be forwarded to the CEO of the company. Customer care is, after all, the ultimate task of every excelling company.

Improve your company by Correcting any systematic causes of the Problem

The Customer Complaint has to leave a lesson in our company for the effort to resolve it not to be lost. The Chief Process Officer (or the Quality Manager) has to recognize any systematic causes that are the roots of the Customer's Problem. The CPO can start a Corrective and Preventive Actions procedure to ask for improvement proposals in various parts of the company's processes. Those Preventive actions may also cause the insertion of more checkpoints during the execution of some activities or other procedures. Usually every Mykosmos Process starts by using a minimal set of activities and forms to fill-in and later becomes a fairly composite set of actions and data.

Make Customer Complaints provide Metrics

The automation of the Customer Complaints process allows for collecting some essential Metrics. Metrics about times of responses to Customers, times to inspect issues and give an exact cause. Metrics about the very Customers, and last but not least, metrics about the Products and repetitions magnitude of their problems, since their first introduction to the market. For those Metrics, we can later put target values and assign them to Roles into the Company. Those targeted Metrics can then participate in the Company Objectives Metrics, particularly in the Customer Service section. Finally, through the Company Objectives, can join the final Balanced Scorecard and show their influence in the Company's excellence in the industry that participates.