Activate an Agent

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We can put, during the menu building, code to create and activate a running instance of an agent. The same can be done within AutoScript in any context i.e. conventional code or agent code.


call bpm_startagent(agentname,p1,p2,..,p10)

call bpm_startplanner(agentname,p1,p2,..,p10)

call bpm_startcoordinator(agentname,p1,p2,..,p10)

call bpm_startexpert(agentname,p1,p2,..,p10)


All the above AutoScript calls do the same thing. Create an instance of the agent agentname and start it. The parameters p1..p10 are optional (in order to transfer information to the agent at startup). The *scheduler, *coordinator, *expert differentiations give clarification to the agent calling. The kosmosBOS creates an agent with the same name but a new id (i.e. 1002, 2004,..). All are instances of the same agent.