HTML and Mail

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html_processfile ( htmlname )


This procedure is called in order to "run" the initial HTML file htmlname and to produce the final HTML file. The initial HTML file contains code in AutoScript. This code can communicate with the database or do other calculations in order to produce the final HTML file. The name of the final HTML file produced is the same as the initial plus a '_' at the beginning of the file name.


html_gettext ( htmlname )


This function returns the text of the file htmlname, as a string, to the caller.




This function creates a new mail and returns its handler to the caller.


smtp_setbody ( ehandle, ebody )


This procedure sets the body of the mail, represented by handler ehandle, to the string variable ebody,


smtp_setcontent (ehandle, etype )


This procedure sets the type of the content of the email represented by ehandle. For HTML emails the etype is "text/html".


smtp_send ( ehandle,   smtp_account, esubject, rname, remail )   


This procedure sends, finally, the mail described by handle ehandle, with subject esubject, with recipient name rname, with recipient address remail by using the SMTP account smtp_account. The SMTP accounts are defined in table AU_MAIL_SMTP.