Help for Task Assignment Process Automation

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Purpose of this Process

There are cases where the head of a department has a task, that is not very simple, and requires the involvement of one or more of the company's employees (associates). The task may be or not cooperating. For example, a top manager may ask for the causes of faulty labels on the packaging. So asks (independently) on the same subject one or more of other managers in order to take their opinion about that and to finally go to a conclusion on the causes. Also in cases of tasks that composed of smaller tasks that may be done at the same time by different associates

How Process Owner Starts the Process

On the left top side of the screen press the button "Start Process" and then select "Assign Task to a Group of Associates". In the emerging form put a "subject" on the assigned task and write some "comments" explaining what is going to be achieved. In the lower part of the form add one or more of your associates that are assigned the task. You can be one of them also! After completing press the button "Post Changes" in the left top corner of the form. The process has been started. You the starter are the "Process Owner".

What the Process Members do

The very first task (Activity) that the system issue is an Activity for the "Process Owner" in order to make some adjustments to the data of the task.  So from the menu select "Activity" and from the emerging form select the Activity that contains the "subject" you placed on the task. By double clicking this Activity a form opens on the right of the screen. This form contains the subject of the task and in the lower part contains the "Job Material". Here in "Job Material" one or many forms are contained that related to Activity. The first (and only) form of "Job Material" has already opened in the center of the screen (in all cases where the "Job Material" contains only one form this form will be opened automatically). Adjust whatever you want in the task (add more associates, add more comments, attach files) and then, if changes are made, press "Post Changes". Then you can press the "Forward" button in the right placed "Activity" form. The process will proceed further. As is obvious the "Process Owner" is the first "Process Member". A Process Member is every user (Associate) that assigned and closes (finishes)

The process has now issued one Activity for each Associate that is in the list of assignees. In this case, the "Activities" menu selection shows the new Activities to the new "Process Members". The new Activity is about putting the data or info or documents (attached in the form) that "prove" that the job has been done. After that, the button "Forward" must be pressed. Every press of the "Forward" button, in the right placed form, makes Activity status Closed (finished) and this Activity disappears from the browser (list) of "Activities". In case a process member wants to add some information to previously forwarded Activity he/she has to go to the menu "Closed Activities". In "Closed Activities" the form (or forms) can be opened more info added to them. Every Closed Activity (by the user) remains there until the process is closed (finished). So the browsers "Activities" and "Closed Activities" contain automatic "in" and "out" of Activities records.

For each closing of the above Activities, a new Activity is created for the "Process Owner" in order to check the validity of the work done. The process owner opens its Activities in the very same manner as previously. He/She puts a check sign if the "quality" of the work is adequate, Otherwise forwards the task "back" to the process member again until this "loop" closes until checked as correct. 

Closing of Process

The Process Closes (finishes) when all "loops" for checking work validity are finished successfully.

Process Activities Monitoring

The "Process Owner" acts as a "client" to the rest of the "Process Members" (he/she is the one that wants the "product" delivered in time). During the progress of the Process from the menu and "Processes" sees all processes to which is "Process Owner". So the question of where are which Activities can be answered on this browser.