How to Install a newer Version of kosmos Developer

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This article explains how to install a newer version of "Mykosmos Developer" in an existing installation of the "application server". The developer is contained in file InstallDeveloper.exe or To accomplish, this follows the steps below. 

1: Run the InstallDeveloper.exe application in the "application server" machine (the AutoServices project is installed!)
2: The installer suggests the installation path of existed application (confirm that)
3: Some shortcuts are suggested (confirm or change).
4: After Finishing the installation, double click the "Developer" shortcut to enter the "Project Manager".
5: Double click the Project of interest (that you want to upgrade).
6: After the login form appears the "Upgrade System Database in this Project?". (press "OK")

The system during the upgrade adds new tables, records, and agents to the installation. All those are tables named (AU_*) and agents named (AU_*). All developing that has done locally on the installation stays intact.