Mykosmos/BOS Developing Cycle

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Mykosmos/BOS suite contains a fully programmable module named kosmos/BOS Developer. This can be used by a developer (programmer) in order to script processes, script scheduled activities, provide the necessary database schema, design forms, menus and whatever type of kosmos/BOS resource is needed in order to complete the final application.

First-time installation to the target server

After the first process is scripted and tested is time for the first time installation to the "customer's" server. In this case, the developer has to "select" from the "kosmos/BOS Developer" the right project (if develops for more than one customers) and then press the "InstallServer" button. This has, as a result, to create the file InstallServer.exe into the project's directory. In case the database used is MS-Access then there is an option to include the database's MDB file into the InstallServer.exe file.

After the building of InstallServer.exe, the developer transfers this file to the customer's server. There the InstallServer.exe is executed and the steps directed are followed. The final result is to have the kosmos/BOS Application Server installed in the customer's server. If the option for database (MDB) inclusion is applied in this first build then the database also is transferred. (if the MS-SQL Server database is used then the installation and transferring of the database are performed manually).

Now that this first-time installation of kosmos/BOS Application Server is finished the kosmos/BOS Clients have to be installed in all Associates (Users) Personal Computers. The InstallClient must be installed in the user's terminals. In this client installation, only the IP Address of the server and the Communicating Port must be provided.

Successive installations to the target server

After the first time installation to the target server is completed (and the "customer's" associates are accustomed to the use of the first scripted procedure!) the developer continues to script a second, third and so on...procedures for the customer). The installation of this following work to the target server follows the same path.