Add a new field in a table

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This article explains how to add a new field in a table. 
See the steps below. 

1: Open the application.
2: Right click and select "Developer".
3: Double click "Database Manager".
4: Click "Actions" from the menu and select "Edit Local Database Schema".
5: Select the table that you want to change and click the button "Edit Record".
6: In the "Fields" area you can specify the new column.
Name: Fill the field name.
Description: Fill the field description (this is the field caption when designing a form or a report).
Type: Select the field type.
Length: Fill the field length.
Related Table: Select the table that is related to the field.
7: Save changes.
8: Read schema (
see the article “Read the Database Schema”).
9: Upgrade database (
see the article “Upgrade the Database”). 

For more help please see