Create a Table

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A database can contain many tables, each storing information about a different subject. 
Each table can contain many fields of different types of data, such as text, numbers, dates etc.
This article explains how to create a new table in the database. 
See the steps below. 

1: Open the application.
2: Right click and select "Developer".
3: Double click "Database Manager".
4: Click "Actions" from the menu and select "Edit Local Database Schema".
5: Click the button "New Record".
6: In the field “DESCR” fill the description of the table.
7: In the field “FILENAME” fill the name of the table.
8: In the field “UFIELD” fill the primary key of the table.
9: In the "Fields" area you can specify the columns and their data types.
Name: Fill the field name.
Description: Fill the field description (this is the field caption when designing a form or report).
Type: Select the field type.
Length: Fill the field length.
Related Table: Select the table that is related to the field.
10: In the "Indexes" area you can specify the indexes.
Name: Fill the index name.
Fields: Fill the field name for the field that you want to index. If you create a multiple-field index,  fill the fields name separated with a “;”.
Properties: An index can have two kinds of properties, unique and ascending.
If you want your index to have unique values, you must write the expression "Un".
If you wand ascending order, you must write the expression "Asc".
If you want both properties, you must write "Asc;Un".
11: Save changes.
12: Read schema (see the article “Read the Database Schema”).
13: Upgrade database (see the article “Upgrade the Database”). 

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