Create a Menu

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This article explains how to create a menu
See the steps below. 

1. Open the application.
2. Right-click and select "Developer".
3. Double click "Menu Designer".
4. Click the button “New menu item” or “New menu subitem” if you want submenu.
5. Enter the command’s name in “Displayed Text” and the command in “Command”.
    If you want to open a report the command is
    call OpenForm("ptReport";"PHONE_LIST.RT")
    If you want to open a form – browser the command is
    call OpenForm("ptBrowse";"CUSTOMER.FM";"QRY.DATA")
If you want to open a simple form the command is
    call OpenForm("ptAppend";"ORDER.FM";"WORK.ORDER";1;"?=ORDER")
6. Save changes and close the window.