Add field to a report


Once you have created a report, you can add more fields to display additional information. 
This article explains how to do that.  See the steps below. 

1. Open the report and go to design view (right click on the report and select designing).
2. Select the group where you want to add a new field
    (Report Group - Page Start - Records - Page Footer - Report Footer). 
3. Select "Cell" from the menu "Insert".
4. A new field is added at the top of the report (on the left).
5. You can move and resize the new field. 
    Select the new field and set the values top - left - height - length in the window “Set” (on the right). 
    Also, you can change the font style, size, and color.
6. Select the value you want to be displayed in the new field. 

    Click on "Expression" in the window “Set” (on the right) and type the field name from the query you used to create the report. You must begin with the symbol '=', then the query name and in the end the field name. For example, =DATA.CUSTOMER_NAME.
    If you want a caption, you must write the text without the symbol "=".
7. Exit designing (from the menu "Edit") and save changes.

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