Create a Subform (editing subform)


When you are working with relational data (related data that is stored in separate tables), 
you often need to view multiple tables on the same form. For example, you might want to see customer data from one table and information about customer orders from another table at the same time. 
Subforms are a convenient tool for doing this (
a subform is a form that is inserted in another form.

The primary form is called the main form. A form/subform combination is sometimes referred to as a master/detail form or a parent/child form.) 
This article explains how to create one.  See the steps below. 

1. Open the form and go to design view (right click on the form and select designing).
2. Click inside the form (click the frame of the form).
3. Select "Data frame (detail or page)" from the menu "Insert".
4. When the Data Group Wizard
 is open,
select from “child table.foreign key” the table with the data you want to be displayed on the subform,
     enter the foreign key  (the field in a relational table that matches the primary key column of another    
     table, this table is the primary’s form table),
     enter the number of rows you want your subform to have,
     select the fields that you want to include from this table and their captions,
     and then click “create data group”.
5. Place the subform on the form where you want.
6. Exit designing and save changes.

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