What is a Browser Form

A browser is a form that displays the table’s records in rows and columns 
(something like a datasheet).
A browser helps you to search for a record, export records, add records,
edit records, delete records and print records.
Every browser has a toolbar that contains buttons that execute all these commands.
Add record:
call OpenForm("ptAppend";"ORDER.FM";"WORK.ORDER";1;"?=ORDER")
Edit record:
call OpenForm("ptEdit";"ORDER.FM";"WORK.ORDER";1;"?=ORDER")
Delete record: call OpenForm("ptDelete";"ORDER.FM";"WORK.ORDER";1;"?=ORDER")
call OpenForm(“ append – edit - delete” ; “ form’s name ” ; “table’s name” ; 1 ; “?= primary key“)
Export record: call CreateSheet()
Print records: call PrintGrid()
Search records: call BrowseFilter()
Search records: you can search for records by using filters criteria.
On the top of every column, there is a field that you can enter your criteria.
For example to show only records where the price is between 50 and 100,
in the Price field, you enter:> 50 and < 100.
To show only records where the last name equals "Smith,"
in the LastName field, you enter: Smith.