Business Activity Monitoring

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In Mykosmos/BOS there is a straightforward approach to BAM. Every "coordinator agent" leaves its execution trail in standard database tables into the applications database. To be more precise the coordinator engages users in various activities. Those users and their activities are stored in table AU_STEP. In this table are recorded the starting and the ending time of the user activity. The status of the activity (in progress or finished). The role of what the user takes the activities (accountant, salesman,...). The user activities, in order to complete, append or modify records on the application's database. Those records and the type of action on them (append or modify) are recorded to table AU_JOBS. Ready-made views of those tables can show:


What activities has a user finished, at a given period of time?

What activities a user has to do now (on which company role).

With what company roles the user has finished the activities, at a given period of time.

What is the complete history of a procedure, whom users have engaged and what is the current status?

Visually see the progress on a flowchart that shows in red finished activities, in green activities that are worked now and in blue activities that will come.

What user activities are in progress now (That means, for a fully automated enterprise, that the "operations manager" can see what is going on in the enterprise live).