Developer-Database Manager

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The database manager is capable of basic management of the connected database. By pressing "Edit Schema" we can add new tables or modify others. We can relate tables by defining the analogous fields.


By "Edit Schema" we do not change the physical database. In order to do that we have to "Read Schema". By "Read Schema" we create the file data.db. This file is unique for the entire application. Contains, in a compressed form, the database schema. We upgrade the database by pressing "Upgrade" as the second step of database upgrading.


In case something goes wrong during the "Step 1" and "Step 2" activation, go back to "Edit Schema" correct and repeat the process of database upgrade. Do not forget to re-enter the application after a successful upgrade.


When we execute a "Client Update" from any client, one of the files that are transferred to the client machine is the data.db.