DataGroup is an area that relates the form with the database of the application. DataGroup provides the necessary connection. 

A DataGroup defines an area of the form in which all the displaying data are coming from a specific table of the database. The Datagroup defines finally witch fields of the database will be available as form fields. Generally in every form, while we start to design it, contains a Datagroup overlaying the form.




Database Type Application
Parent Parent Datagroup
Table The displayed Table (or Query)
Task BrowseEdit or Modify or Append or Delete or Browse
Default Values  obsolete
Link Expression

For the Datagroups in Browse Edit mode is of the form:




DATAGROUP1   : The name of parent datagroup.

TABLE1            : The name of the displayed table in parent Datagroup.

FIELD1             : The unique field name in the TABLE1 table.

FIELD2             : The foreign key to the TABLE1 of the Datagoup's table.

Change Prompt  obsolete
Display Type  Yes in case of task is "Browse"
Unique Field  The unique field of the table that drives the Datagroup
Unique Table  The table that drives the Datagroup
Local Data  0