Program you Business Applications using one framework for all

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Concentrate on your customer's needs, don't waste time on low-level software technical issues.


Let's hear the business procedure your customer describes and code immediately, nearly word by word. Yes, there is no misreading. Now business processes can be scripted as they were usual algorithmic procedures.


Make your customer happy by giving him a live picture of what is going on now, in real time, into his business. Give him the opportunity to measure employees and resources efficiency. Track down every business activity, live.


Build programs that alarm your customer for business-critical situations and keep him well informed.


Time is needed only for your customer's business. The situation of using different software tools, trying to adapt them and inventing technics to emulate business processes is something to be avoided.


Now Mykosmos/BOS can cover, right out of the box, technologies like:


Form Designing

Report Building

Database Programming,

Business Process Management (BPM),

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM),

Project Management,
Activity Scheduling and Planning,
Job Execution and Tracking,
Mail Management,
Metrics and Targets,
Balanced Scorecards (BSC),
Activity Based Costing (ABC),
Document Management,

Company Organogram,


Using software Agents

Running in real 3 tier architecture