Mykosmos Help

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mykosmos is a very simple program to use. All processes launging, browsing forms and data posting forms operate in the same manner.

Help for the User

Customer Complaints Process Automation

Corrective and Preventive Actions Process Automation

Appointment Process Automation

Car Service Process Automation

Product Lebel Selection Process Automation

Product Orders Process Automation

Task Assignment Process Automation

How to Create new Users

How to Create new Roles for the Users

How to Restructure the Organogram of the Company

How to Create Mail Accounts

How to Create Metrics and Targets

Help for the Developer


General Rules and Syntax of AutoScript

How AutoScript Supports Intelligent Agent Technology

Date and Time predefined functions

Formating predefined functions

String handling predefined functions

File handling predefined procedures and functions

Numeric handling predefined functions

Recordset handling predefined procedures and functions

Agent Handling

Resource handling predefined procedures and functions

Microsof Office predefined procedures and functions

HTML and Mail

Other Procedures

Other Functions

AutoScript Examples

Browsing Form 1

Browsing Form 2

Scheduler Agent

HTML processing Agents

Long Running Processes

Viisual Representation

Activate an Agent

Modify Form Behavior

How to create a new Agent

HTML Forms

3 Tier mode

Mykosmos/BOS Client

Best Script Language to Automate ISO

Business Programming Problems and their Solutions

Program you Business Applications using one suite for all

Mykosmos/BOS Introduction

Development Cycle











Developer-Database Manager

Business Activity Monitoring

Business Process Management


On Site Development

Customizing the Lookup List

Create a Multiple-Column Lookup

Create a Report

How we use the Form_Start

How we use the Form_BeforeClose

How do we use the Form_End procedure

How do we use Form_AfterStay

Embedded SQL in AutoScript

Embedded SQL to Insert records into the Database

Embedded SQL to Update records of the Database

What is a Browser Form

What is a Data Group

Create a Subform (editing subform)

Create a Tabbed Form

Add field to a form

Add field to a report

Export data to Ms Excel

Export data to MS Word

Import Data from MS-Excel 

Create a Subform (browser)

Copy and Paste Form Contents

Create a Menu

Create a Table

Add a new field in a table

Upgrade the Database

Read the Database Schema

Mykosmos/BOS Developing Cycle

Form Events Handling using AutoScript

How to delete a Form's Data Frame

How to refresh a browsing DataGroup

Database Schema

Job Scheduling Form Events Handling using AutoScript

Job Executing Form Events Handling using AutoScript

How to fill in unbound fields in a Form

Create a Browser

How to Insert a Metric

How to open a Dashboard / Metrics Form

How to use unbound Form Fields

Database Upgrade

System Upgrade

Local Upgrade

Start Subprocesses within a Process

Predefined Variables in AutoScript for Agents

Enumearte Tables in another Database

Enumearte Files in a Folder

Searchable Browser Fields

Attach and Relate Documents using AutoScript

Embedded SQL in AutoScript (2)

In Memory Form Tables

Usage of ComboBox in Forms

Parameters Passing to Forms

How to Install a newer Version of kosmos Developer

How to Define Targets

Fast Scripting of Coordinator or Scheduler Agents