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BPM Perspective of Production Planning, Scheduling and Execution

We are already aware of the systematic Activity Assignment as the main feature of a BPM framework. But what about the Scheduling of these Activities? What about achieving optimal usage of Production Resources in such a Scheduling?

Here we present the BPM perspective of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) implementation of Mykosmos framework with obvious advantages:

  • Finite Capacity Planning & Scheduling
  • Unlimited number of resources, products and orders in the schedule
  • Dependent order pegging between works orders, purchase orders
  • Calendar Exceptions e.g. Breakdowns, planned maintenance and alternative shift patterns
  • Rescheduling of operations in case of order cancellations or late time orders
  • Rescheduling of operations by keeping specific operations
  • Resources assigned to Resource Groups (Work Centers)
  • Automatic Resource selection within Work Centers when scheduling
  • Resource Dependent Run Times within a Work Center
  • Forward, Backward & Bi-directional sequencing or Operations in Orders
  • Material consumption at order level Material requirement planning
  • Automatic or Manual Scheduling
  • Logging of Changeover time (and changeover quantity)
  • Sequence dependent setup times
  • Interactive Scheduling Calendar
  • Manual and Automatic updates of actual start/finish times of operations
  • Set upper limit for Operations Span
  • Operation Hold monitoring
  • Workforce Staffing on Workcenters and movement logging
  • Order monitoring for Promise Inquiry
  • Preferred Resource selection
  • Resource Calendars and Calendar Templates (public holidays)
  • Run Time calculated by Time per Item, Rate per Hour and Time per Batch
  • On line data input during plan execution

Data required for the above functionality:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Inventory Records
  • Providers/Materials Lead Times
  • Workcenters/Products Setups Types
  • Workcenters/Products Setups Labor Requirements
  • Workcenters/Products Setups Times
  • Workcenters/Products Production Labor Requirements
  • Workcenters/Products Production Rates
  • Workcenters Shift Patterns
  • Workforce Breaks
  • Workcenters Downtime
  • Workcenters Planned Maintenance
  • Materials Costs
  • Workcenters Usage Costs

Calculated figures are the following:

  • Semifinal Products Requirements
  • Raw Material Requierements
  • Purchase Orders for stock-out Materials Requirements
  • Products Standard Costs
  • Total Production Standard Cost
  • Machine Setup Orders
  • Machine Production Orders
  • Materials Moves
  • Production Orders Job Tracking
  • Setup Orders Job Tracking
  • Workforce allocation and Movement Log
  • Breakdown Duration and Causes Log
  • Quality Control Sheet Completion
  • Detailed Activity Based Costing
  • Products AB Costs
  • Total Production AB Cost

The APS module is one of the many available as parts of Mykosmos BPM framework. In order to prove the ease of in-company development and the flexibility it provides we offer:

“Development of a free APS demo solution tailored to your real production scheduling problem”

You need only to provide us with data which describe your production scheduling problem.

Ask now for a free APS tailored to your needs

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