Mykosmos/BOS vs classic applications

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What does really matter when software needs to be compared to other software? Let's examine the whole thing from the buyer's perspective.

Why does a company buy software?

Everything a company spends money on, is for the achievement of its strategic objectives. To set it simply, the company wants good results according to the effort put, which is finally expressed in financial terms. The building of a brand name is also essential and must be included in its strategic objectives (to express this later on in financial terms too).

What is the cause behind of the above good financial results and an established brand name?

It's all about existing customer satisfaction and an increasing rate of new healthy customers. This means that the products sold have very good quality and price, the service to the customers is efficient and fast, new series of products improve the previous ones, special products manufactured for selected customers is a fast and inexpensive everyday process. Eventually, the cause of good results is to put effort in servicing your customer needs in real time.

What is the cause of the above customer satisfaction in real time?

The chain of efforts like "Find customers"-"Send Offer"-"Offer Accepted"-"Produce"-"Deliver"-"Install" runs fast with the minimum of errors. At the same time the "Design"-"Prototype"-"Produce" chain runs at the highest possible speed, enriching the company's products. Other supportive chains of effort as "Customer Complaints"-"Corrective Actions"-"Preventive and Corrective Actions", improve the quality of products and services. Other supportive to the above chains run simultaneously, achieving a perfect choreography in the company. And all thir runs at a cost that outperforms competitors.

What is the cause of the above miracle?

These chains of effort must be designed very carrefuly and must be supported by well documented and controlled actions called "Activities". These "Activities", when chained together, form well documented "Processes" (a series of successive autonomous actions performed by the people with the help of material resources) are fine tuned to run fast, effectively and at low cost.

How can we fine-tune the Processes?

In order "Processes" to be fine tuned, they must be monitored continuously on properties like "Who", "When" and "With what performance" each "Activity" was carried out. This means that changes to the "Processes" is something that could be done as often as needed and easily. Each piece of work named "Activity" is closely associated with the associate of the company who performs it. New working directions to the associate and new check points should be added easily. Eventually, what we have just described is the essential content of Activity Based Management  (i.e. best effect at low cost, achieved at a given condition). This makes a company to differentiate from the competition and makes it a market leader. No corrections or fine tuning can be achieved in company's internal processes, unless monitored effort can be put on the pair "Activity"-"Performing Associate".

By trying to rephrase the above set of successive queries and answers we have:

"Companies buy software in order to achieve good financial results and fame. As long as the software can work in the roots of the cause of this happy situation, so much the better for the company"

Next scheme shows how Mykosmos/BOS technology works on the "elementary causes" of company's strategic objective achievements.

kosmos/BOS works on elementary causes
Does Mykosmos/BOS meet the above criteria?
Do classic applications with modules named as ERP, MRP, MRP II, CRM etc meet the above criteria as well?


Mykosmos/BOS allows companies to embody in the software their know-how of doing business, their way of organizing people's effort. This is because it permits their management to set well defined helping directions for every single task. The complete workflow of processes is scripted into Mykosmos/BOS database. Classic applications do not have this ability.

Real Time Enterprise

Mykosmos/BOS makes mandatory the "real time" execution of "Activities" (data production in other words). Classic applications do not have the ability to check them in real time execution. Just ask the associates to conform to that!

Associates Rotation

Classic applications do not have the ability to contribute to "Job rotation" in a company. In Mykosmos/BOS simply change the role of the relevant associate and it is done! All duties associated with the new role are brought into the associate's monitor.

Work Monitoring

Classic applications just store the data produced by the associates. Mykosmos/BOS can tell about the data produced, the "When" and "Who" properties. Mykosmos/BOS can also tell about the activities that have to be done for every associate or role in the company.

Balanced Scorecard

Classic applications can support automatically only the "Customer and Financial Section" of the company's Balanced Scorecard. Mykosmos/BOS can support automatically all the sections of a BSC. Generally in Mykosmos/BOS any KPI can be defined, targeted and then assigned to an associate or a role to be monitored.

Activity Based Costing

Classic applications support the idea of "direct cost" only in production. They do not support real Activity Based Costing, because they do not monitor automatically any other "Activity" performed and "Resources" used. Mykosmos/BOS can apply the idea of "direct cost" over any kind of activity concerning a product or customer and thus it supports real Activity Based Costing. In reality, allows the management to minimize as much as possible the "indirect cost".

Activity Based Management

Classic applications, because of lack of real Activity Based Costing and Processes Monitoring, do not have the ability to make a company "Activity Based Management" driven.  So essentially, they cannot offer to the company organization and further improvements (besides their first time installation in the company). Classic applications contain a predefined form of "production chain", "supply chain" that cannot be changed or adjusted. They cannot differentiate the company.

In Company Programmability

The majority of classic applications, except perhaps the most expensive ones, lack the presence of an embedded programming tool, which would let the company adjust its behavior to the changing needs. Mykosmos/BOS on the other hand is fully programmable in every aspect. It's a "liberator" for the IT departments, because it gives them a business efficiency that is far away from the classic programming.


Classic applications are ready to run applications because they embody "predefined modules", that gather data produced by the users. This seemingly advantage is actually their disadvantage, as it does not let these "monolithic" modules to change. Actually you get a maximum of satisfaction at the beginning, which diminishes over time, as it becomes evident that there is a limit in what you can achieve. Finally, they become another asset of the company's software tools.


Classic applications consider the organizational structure of a company as given. They simply ask your associates to "feed" the data forms. On the other hand Mykosmos/BOS starts working on the roots of the company organization, by assigning tasks using the "role" of the associate into the company. It gives feedback to the company to answer questions like "what each role does" and "what department a role belongs to".


This is mostly about differentiation from the rest in the market. Classic applications do not have the ability to differentiate from installation to installation. . Their chains are the main ones: "production", "supply", "maintenance". Not other "chains" (processes) can be added, nor the main ones can be modified. Using Mykosmos/BOS, "processes blueprints" can be scripted to run as the management has defined, not as the application abilities dictate. This is because Mykosmos/BOS has essential tools, that classic applications lack, like Processes Monitoring, Activity Based Costing, Balanced Scorecard, Embedded Programming Tool and more.