IT software productivity

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The Problem:

Business life sets demands that must be quickly communicated to Information Managers.
Information Managers have to communicate quickly these business demands to their Developers.
Now Developers have to accomplish the tasks using generic programming tools.
Unfortunately the distance between generic programming tools and business demands is long.
So, in-house software development is delayed because the actual programming work is extensive.
Extensive programming work has another drawback. It is not versatile and flexible because of its size.
But companies have to be versatile and flexible.
Businesses must operate in real time, so business demands must be carried out in real time.
Now, there are many ready to use tools which allow the programming work to be done through some sort of easy flowchart drawing.
Yes, but in the real world things are often complex and reach the limits of such tools.
Companies cannot be imposed on such limits. Again, extensive programming is required to support the “easy” drawing tool.
Ok, let’s outsource the programming to control cost and time.
Suppose that cost and time are managed as planned, which is rare indeed, what about versatility and flexibility?
Effective outsourcing demands so extensive communication, that the real time and cost gets high again. 
Ok, let’s try Software as a Service, but what about data and processes unification?
We know that in fact a company is a data machine whose processes consume data and produce data.
How easy and effective would be to cut down these processes to separate software as a service solution?
We cannot get one process from here and another process from there because this is ineffective.
Company’s machine breaks down processes and the product outcome does not go to a unifying data store.
We need this unifying data store because we need to have at any moment the big picture.
Real business processes are interrelated to each other so to break them down to SaaS makes them ineffective.

Let’s summarize:

A company’s IT department should not act as another software house using generic programming tools.
Extensive programming work needs the relevant extensive documentation for internal IT reference.
Generic programming tools are good only for highly specialized business software.
Software outsourcing is generally ineffective due to communication reasons.
Software as a Service is ineffective because it breaks down the company’s machine into isolated information islands.
Companies cannot differentiate in the market using public SaaS.
IT department is to blame on every case.
Lack of tools leads to lack of orientation of the IT departments.
But you know the IT Developers are striving to deliver good software products in time.
Simply the tools used and the external services available are not appropriate for the tasks!

What to do:

Try to see it from a different perspective:
Everyday business life is actually data consumption from employees, who in turn produce new data.
Even the simplest conversation or e-mail exchange between employees is about names, dates or amounts which need to be communicated.
Meetings are also held for data communication, or to define processes for future data communication.
Use a tool that embodies this different perspective for all everyday business needs.
See every employee activity as a part of a process activity.
Do not give solutions as they are asked for. In most of the cases the software tools asked do not take into account the interdepartmental processes.

What we can do to help you:

Ask us to automate one of your processes. Your people could continue with the rest of them.
This first process will be scripted (or drawn) in every detail. No compromises made here.

And this is quite easy as:

Mykosmos/BOS contains all the infrastructure needed, to help Information People script at a higher level business language.
All processes, forms, data, reports, metrics, documents, mails and calendars in Mykosmos/BOS are programmable.
Users with their assigned roles, equipment and many more features are also available, fully customizable by your people.
Building one by one all your company’s processes will finally result to a fully controllable data machine.
It will align all company employees with your data production lines and allow you to have full control.

We can make your IT production to outperform your business needs.
You would feel it from the first process!

Rafael J. Pavlides