Always Focus on Causes

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How do you check the causes that lead to good or bad results on your business?

While you are driving your car there are in front of you some the fundamental metrics such as: car speed, engine rotation speed, temperature, fuel available and maybe GPS to tell you where your are!

Surely you have wondered about the lack of this feature (panel with evidence) in your business while it is certain that you have spended for that more money than that for your car!

It could be argued that there is always such an opportunity, through the emergence of economic data, which will appear in front of you constantly in some kind of dashboard.
Unfortunately, the financial data in most cases display sizes are "final results" and not "causes". You will look like values of "causal factors" that will ultimately shape, maybe after months, financial results. Actually your need early warning, so you can react in time to more fundamental values such as:

Time to deliver customers orders
Time for new product development
Time for delivered orders from suppliers
Time of response to customer complaints
Rate of production for each product
Total hours of production
Success rate of production program
Production downtime
Partner participation in the work
Percentage of defective products
Cost in level of every production batch

and dozens of other values that you can imagine but are necessary.
For each of the above figures you want:

To set a target value to be achieved or maintained

To assign this target to one of your associates
To produce automatically values without any additional entries
Those target values to inform each month, or whatever time period you choose, the assigned associate
Those target values to be explained by your associate and if there is serious deviation to initiate the appropriate corrective and preventive actions
To have composite key values information by department or activity, showing the "final weighted value" for that
To have a composite key value for the whole of your business, consisting of the (weighted) values of the above values

Now Mkosmos/BOS can:

Manage the workflow within the enterprise as complex and if this (Business Process Management-Business Activity Monitoring)
Outsourcing partners based on their role (Task Assignment)
Managing Document (Acrobat, Word, Excel, etc.) involved in the work. (Document Management)
Automatically record task assignment and duration of work
Scheduling of production and Job Tracking
Performance monitoring of production workers, holidays, breaks, quality control with full traceability
Creating metrics and targets
Creating composite key values (Balanced Scorecards)and and many other features tailored to the needs of your business.