Why it seems so difficult to organize your company?

Because managing your people, your resources and your assets effectively seems to be harder than ever!

We used to say that companies produce goods and services with the involvement of our people. And this is where we focus our analytic strength when trying to orchestrate things.

If we try to identify the unifying entity behind products, services and people we'll find that it's nothing more than data.

Try to see your company as data producing, data transferring and data consuming organization and you'll have half the solution on the orchestration problem.

There is an appropriate suite for that...

kosmos/BOS is a software suite that works right out of the box. It Contains a ready to use program consisting of an application server and clients. The application server installs in a few minutes time. After that any participating associate installs a very thin software client. This installation, with the involvement of a "business oriented" developer, can optimize the business into a real time enterprise that has integrated technologies like:

Business Process Management (BPM)
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Project Management
Document Management
Activity Scheduling and Planning
Integrated Mail Management
Metrics and Targets
Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

...and all those in
3 tier configuration over TCP/IP

To get more info about Technologies in kosmos/BOS

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Now you can Organize your Business Step-by-Step

Mykosmos Star What we provide to you

A strongly supported software framework and methodology, to help you organize and automate, step by step, any aspect of your business.

Mykosmos Star What is required from you

Only your will, expressed as sincere participation.

Mykosmos Star What our support provides to you

Consistent support, training and guidance to your team, along the entire road to achieve automation of your business.

Mykosmos Star What our framework provides to you

Management for the daily workload

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Procurement and Material Traceability
  • Projects
  • Assets

Embedded functions for

  • Enterprise Email Management
  • Document Management
  • Contacts and Business Partners Management
  • User and Role Management
  • Real time Organization Chart
  • Activities Scheduling Managment
  • Reporting

Ready-to-implement process templates for

  • Sales Chain (for the tender of contract to the delivery of product or service)
  • Sales Scenarios
  • Customer Complaints
  • Marketing Campaigns (including email)
  • Assets and Equipment Maintenance
  • IT Ticketing
  • Research and Development Process
  • Preventive and Corrective Actions
  • Production Optimization
  • Purchase Order/Import Process
  • Purchase Process
  • Task Assignment
  • Data Collectors
  • Meeting

Mykosmos Star Ιmplementing the above will automatically lead ...

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