Now you can Organize your Business Step-by-Step

Mykosmos Star What we provide to you

A strongly supported software framework and methodology in order to help you organize and automate, step by step, any aspect of your business.

Mykosmos Star What is required from you

Your will, expressed as sincere participation. You already tried hard and you know: Only people from inside your company can be organizers of their company. We will strive to help you with that!

Mykosmos Star What our support provides to you

Consistent support, training and guidance to your team, along the entire road to company’s automation objective. In the early stages, we could provide along with your team’s training, the business analysis and processes development for faster implementation.

Mykosmos Star What the framework provides to you

  • Sales Management

  • Production Management

  • Purchase Chain Management

  • Materials Traceability Management

  • Project Management

  • Assets Management

  • Business Partners Management

  • Contacts Management

  • Enterprise Email Management

  • Document Management

  • Users / Roles / Organogram Management

  • Activities Scheduling Management

  • KPI Management

  • Balanced Scorecard Management

  • Sales Campaign Process

  • Asset Maintenance Process

  • Customer Complaint Process

  • Equipment Checking Process

  • IT Related Cases Process

  • New Process Development Process

  • Mail Campain Process

  • Massive Mail Campaign Process

  • Customer Onboarding Process

  • Research and Development Process

  • Preventive and Corrective Actions Process

  • Process Delay Report Process

  • Simple Production Process

  • Massive Production Process

  • Purchase Order/Import Process

  • Purchase Processs

  • Sale Contract Offer Process

  • Sale Process

  • Sale Offer Process

  • Sale Scenarios Process

  • Technical Problem Process

  • Task Assignment Process

  • Data Collector Process

  • Meeting Process

  • Accounting Configuration Process

  • Account Cycle Process

Mykosmos Star The implementation of the above by your company can automatically give you ...

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