In the real world,big problems do not have short answers

What we provide to you

A strongly supported software framework and methodology in order to help you organize and automate, step by step, any aspect of your business.

What is required from you

Your will, expressed as sincere participation. You already tried hard and you know: Only people from inside your company can be organizers of their company. We will strive to help you with that!

What our support to you contains

Consistent support, training and guidance to your team, along the entire road to company’s automation objective. In the early stages, we could provide along with your team’s training, the business analysis and processes development for faster implementation.

What the framework contains

  • Task assignments from the first installation day
  • A lot of contained ready Processes
  • Modify or create a totally new Process
  • Start a sub-process from an Activity
  • Customize everything by your Developers
  • Design your Forms
  • Design your Reports
  • Script or Design your Processes
  • Script your Agents
  • Get/Send emails by Enterprise email Management
  • Start Processes over an incoming email
  • Script Processes respecting business reality
  • Contains a standard, but expandable database
  • Start processes when some, time or other, criteria are met.
  • Set alarming activities.
  • Metrics and Targets
  • Balanced Scorecards (BSC)
  • Document Management
  • Attach files to forms
  • All email and attached files become documents
  • Relates automatically any email correspondence to Contact and Business records
  • Import from data sheets all basic business data
  • Incorporates Activity Based Costing (ABC)
  • Schedule assigned Activities on Resources Calendar
  • Design and support your Organizational Chart
  • Monitor every Entity against Processes
  • Project Management
  • Production Optimization and Scheduling
  • Production Monitoring (Execution)
  • Implement Data Collectors
  • Assign Activities to your Contacts and supervise them!
  • Let your Business Partners input data on your system
  • Asterisk PBX telephony is embedded
  • Topology Management
  • Training and Help for simple User by embedded Wizards
  • Training and Help for Administrator by embedded Wizards
  • Training and Help for Developer by embedded Wizards
  • Creates automatically “Developer's Documentation”
  • Creates automatically “Company's Operations Manual”

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